iks commercialization in South Africa


Origins IKS assists IKS players with commercialization of their products and innovations making sure they walk thorough all stages with them from product development, compliance to promotion on the marketplace.

Indigenous Knowledge Systems plays a pivotal role in the socio economic development of our community. It promotes and is a huge contributor to sustainable economic development of South Africa and presents a competitive edge in innovation and scientific developments.

Our IKS Commercialization focuses on:

  • IP Registration: registration and protection of the IKS products and production systems
  • Product Development: structure product development network and process systems
  • Market research – quantitative market research and understanding customer needs and wants, defining the target market  and understanding the nature of the market
  • Capacity building and entrepreneurship development
  • Compliance – ensuring the products are compliant to relevant industry bodies and authorities to which they fall under
  • Packaging and promotion of the products on the marketplace